We're now bback!

Hey fam!

We’ve got exciting news to share. 

From today, BounceBack will be known as bback. 

We started BounceBack with a clear goal in mind: to build high quality, affordable hangover remedies that are accessible for drinkers worldwide. It’s that simple. Being drinkers ourselves, we found it hard to access good products if we weren't based in Japan or Korea. That’s why we started the business: to serve us and our friends, and now to our communities worldwide.

Over the past 2 years, we’ve gathered a community of 100,000+ customers worldwide. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved - 100m+ impressions on social media with operations in 10 markets worldwide.

Our customers, such as yourself, are a group of like minded individuals who celebrate and enjoy life at its finest. Our brand embodies the friendships we've made, the heartfelt conversations we've shared, and the celebrations we've thrown with the people who matter. We work hard, we play hard and we’re a passionate bunch!

We’ve been getting feedback on how to improve, and noticed that our aspirations have far exceeded the BounceBack brand. Hence we decided that it’s time for a change.

bback gives us more flexibility to expand our product verticals (big plans to grow more products and services in the coming months). It gives us one identity that people can associate with worldwide.

Rest assured that nothing you love about the brand has changed. The sleek aesthetic of our packaging; our identifiable colours of black and blues; and more importantly our product and ingredients remain the same. bback preserves what we’ve built thus far, retaining the essence of why we do what we do. At the same time, it broadens the aspirations we seek to achieve in a bigger and globally-recognised manner.

Our mission has been the same since day one. To provide high-quality products and services that matter to those who drink worldwide. We remain committed to out-serve you. Both the team and myself will continue to push boundaries to continuously do so in a hyper-localised way. We look forward to announcing big plans in the coming months.